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About Wine Country Solar Cleaning, LLC - The Solar Panel Cleaning Company You Can Count On


Wine Country Solar Cleaning, LLC has its roots deeply embedded in the heart of Sonoma and Napa Valley. As your local solar panel cleaning company, we are dedicated to providing each homeowner and business owner with outstanding services, exemplary customer service, and a price that can't be beaten. When you're in need of trustworthy and efficient solar panel cleaning in Wine Country, you know who to call.

Our legacy spans over 27 years with our owner Rick Milburn. Through our passion for sustainability and innovation, we have created a solar panel cleaning company that not only maintains the efficiency of existing solar panel systems but improves longevity for lasting systems.

As the local solar panel cleaning company of choice, we take immense pride in our achievements, from being the first to achieve PassivHaus certifications in North America and California to installing countless solar panels and complex battery backup systems.

Our team has received formal training from Solar Energy International in installing and maintaining photovoltaic systems. With a dedication to excellence and a commitment to sustainable energy solutions, we're more than just a solar panel cleaning company - we're your partners in maximizing the ROI of your solar investment.

Our Mission

At Wine Country Solar Cleaning, LLC, our mission is simple: to ensure your solar panels perform at their absolute best. We understand that solar panels are a significant investment in your home or business, and we're here to protect that investment.

With every service we offer, whether it's thorough solar panel cleaning, expert bird proofing, or professional gutter cleaning, we bring the same old-school tradesman values - punctuality, knowledge, and efficiency - to the forefront.

Our dedication to professionalism is matched only by our commitment to the environment, as we use eco-friendly methods to ensure both your panels and our planet shine brightly. Trust Wine Country Solar Cleaning, LLC as your solar panel cleaning company to keep your solar panels pristine, your energy production optimal, and your environmental impact minimal.

Reach Out To Wine Country Solar Cleaning For Your Next Solar Panel Cleaning In Sonoma And Surrounding Areas!